Victims’ families win $24 million

Bob Pottroff and Pottroff & Karlin, LLC represented the Chase, Frazier, Rhoades, and Shannon families, who each lost a kid to a train accident in Anoka, MN in 2003. After four and a half years and a six week trial, the jury found Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad at fault because the crossing arms did not come down as the victims’ car approached the crossing. Among other things, Pottroff argued that BNSF hid evidence from investigators; the jury agreed. In a statement to the media, Pottroff said, “We had a woman who was almost killed at the same crossing the year before and the railroad didn’t even go out and investigate the complaint.”

It was also alleged that BNSF tampered with the black box that records activity at the crossing. Please click here to read coverage of the story.