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Railroad crossing accidents are much more common than most people realize. According to the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, 2005 saw more than 3,000 collisions between trains and motor vehicles in the United States. And there were many other types of accidents, including trains colliding with pedestrians and passengers suffering from the train company’s negligence. Railroad crossings without any active warning (lights/gates) are dangerous – yet roughly two-thirds of all crossings are protected by nothing but a passive warning sign.

Many railroad crossing accidents result in deaths or very serious injuries, such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. And often, the accidents are due to negligence on the part of the train companies or employees. If you have suffered in a railroad crossing accident, the lawyers of Pottroff & Karlin, LLC can meet with you in a free initial consultation. We will charge no attorneys’ fees until you get compensation.


What Is Involved in Railroad Crossing Accident Litigation?

Railroads are responsible for passenger safety and can be held liable for injuries caused by elements in their control. In a railroad crossing, a railroad company and its train crew must use reasonable care to avoid injury to anyone traveling on highways crossed by the train tracks. This issue becomes complicated when one considers that it takes about one third of a mile to stop a train moving at an average speed. Hiring a railroad crossing lawyer who is familiar with the laws governing train accidents is crucial.

Leading Authorities in Train Accident Litigation

Pottroff & Karlin, LLC is one of the top railroad crossing accident firms in the country. We built our reputation by winning extremely challenging wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases involving train accidents. In one case, our lead attorney, Robert L. Pottroff, represented a train passenger injured because of the negligence of the train company. The verdict included $5.1 million in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages, for a total of more than $30,000,000.00.

Mr. Pottroff is known nationally and internationally as an authority and leading practitioner in the fields of railroad, highway, and grade crossing as well as an outspoken advocate for the rights of victims and as a proponent of railroad safety. He lectures frequently on a variety of topics including:

  • Railroad crossing litigation
  • Investigation and discovery
  • Cross examination
  • Forensics evidence
  • The use of innovative technologies for litigation

His skill and reputation has brought him countless awards, including the honor of being named president of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association.

Railroad News
November 14, 2020

Arizona Motorist Killed at Dangerous, Unguarded Union Pacific Crossing

October 29, 2020

Wichita, Kansas Motorist Killed and Passenger Seriously Injured at Unguarded BNSF Crossing


Bob Pottroff has fought for the victims of the railroads’ callous disregard for safety more than any other attorney that I know. I should know because I am currently Chair-elect of the Railroad Section of ATLA.

Robert SchuetzeBoulder, Colorado

Mr. Pottroff has shaken the rail industry to its very roots. Settlements are now more common as a result of the way he has exposed the industry’s wrongdoing.

Mike EasleyArkansas

Bob Pottroff’s work in railroad safety law is unmatched and he has been the source of great advice and phenomenal creativity.

Roger BrownJefferson City, Missouri

In addition to his substantive contributions to railroad grade crossing safety, I have personally observed his untiring efforts and contributions to improving the integrity of the legal system.

Elizabeth HardyLake Charles, Louisiana

Our Attorneys are Devoted to Railroad Crossing Safety Nationwide

Our firm is engaged in a protracted battle with the railroad industry over issues of public safety. One such public safety issue is railroad crossing deaths and disabling injuries suffered by motorists. These deaths and injuries are preventable. Our battle with railroads will persist as long as the rail industry continues to deny its responsibility for public safety at railroad crossings.

If you or your loved one was severely injured in a railroad crossing accident, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm for a free, fully confidential initial consultation.

From our law office in Manhattan, Kansas, we serve clients across the United States. Because we frequently co-counsel with out-of-state attorneys, our legal team has gained a reputation as the leading railroad crossing accident attorneys in the country. Train accidents are our firm’s main focus, and we do all we can to make sure victims of railroad-related accidents find justice.

Pottroff & Karlin LLC remains committed to serving our clients during this difficult time caused by COVID-19. Contact us with any questions.