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Pedestrian / Train Accidents (“Trespassing”)

Unsafe railroad crossings present a serious danger to pedestrians much like they do to vehicles. Though the danger of an unguarded, poorly maintained railroad crossing receives some public attention, railroads have, by and large, succeeded in maintaining an impression that any instance of a pedestrian hit on railroad tracks is a case of careless trespassing or suicide. Though these two issues certainly are very real and cost many lives each year, not every pedestrian accident fits one of these categories.

While railroads have attempted to enforce the notion that no pedestrian should ever be found near railroad tracks, they often somehow neglect to take into account the obvious fact that not everyone owns a car. In short, their policies often fail to take into consideration the poor who cannot afford vehicles but live near tracks, the young who cannot drive a vehicle, the elderly, and the disabled. This obvious blind spot nevertheless is very much operative in the thinking of railroad companies.

Skilled train accident lawyers can demonstrate when, where, and how railroads are at fault for such accidents. It is not uncommon, sadly, for trains to fail to blow their whistle when approaching a crossing, making a crossing with limited visibility an increased danger for pedestrians. In addition, areas marked as pedestrian crossings are sometimes improperly maintained, and accidents due to unsafe conditions cannot simply be blamed on the victims before facts are taken into consideration. What is needed is greater efforts to promote pedestrian safety, rather than blatant, callous disregard and the accusation of victims. Our train accident lawyers are well versed in this area of law and offer their wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication if you have been a victim.

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