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The train accident lawyers of Pottroff & Karlin work from offices in Manhattan, Kansas and throughout the U.S. for members of the public wronged by railroad companies. We are the only law firm in the nation that commits over 90% of its caseload to railroad related accidents and train crashes which result in damages to the public. We do not handle railroad employee [FELA] claims – our focus is public safety.  We are tirelessly attempting to force the railroad industry to stop ignoring public safety.

Railroad Crossing Our expert train accident lawyers have repeatedly stood by their uncompromising demand: that the rail industry adopts basic safety engineering and systems safety principles.  Currently, roughly 3,000 individuals per year are involved in some form of train accident – a number clearly in need of being reduced.  If safety were properly and consistently employed, this number would indeed fall. Our legal experts have devoted their skill and expertise to overcoming safety hazards and defending train accident victims, and have seen tangible results.

Lead attorney Robert Pottroff is nationally recognized for his success and determination as a train accident lawyer. Not only has his ability in handling complex railroad crossing accident cases been nationally recognized, but his dedication to and impact upon public safety have received widespread praise as well.

Why seek a train accident lawyer?

Train accidents are incredibly destructive events. The collision of a car and a train is comparable to the collision of a car and a soda can – the size and weight of a train moving even at what might seem to be slower speeds result in a physical impact that is truly devastating.  All forms of train accidents, be they truck/train accidents, train/car accidents, derailments, or pedestrian/train accidents, are quite capable of producing catastrophic injuries and death.

A good train accident lawyer will provide you with honest, direct legal guidance if you have been injured in one of these accidents.  Railroad companies are notorious for denying responsibility, particularly at railroad crossings, making this form of litigation a complicated arena.  A skilled train accident lawyer will tirelessly analyze the facts of your case to determine the degree to which the railroad company was responsible, what sorts of compensation you may receive in a settlement or trial, and ultimately, will fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights are upheld, no matter how uphill the battle may seem.A good train accident lawyer will not lie to you about your case, but will be honest with you about merit: whether or not you do have a case.  In addition, a good train accident lawyer will not settle out of court for less than the case should be fought for in court, to ensure that your personal losses and medical expenses are rightfully compensated for.

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If you need a good train accident lawyer, contact us for a free intial consultation.  We charge no attorney’s fees until a verdict or settlement is reached.  Our attorneys have developed a reputation for their experienced, ethical, and creative handling of railroad accident cases, as well as for their untiring dedication and success.  Need proof?  Feel free to read what other attorneys have to say, or get in touch with our former clients.  Our goal is to promote public safety over corporate interests and to ensure that our nation’s railroad crossings become safe. If you’ve been a victim in some way, our expert team of attorneys and staff is equipped to guide you to recovery.