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Train accidents are not viewed as a major threat because they are not very common. Trains are still commonly used in the United States. There are about 600 railroads and over 209,000 railroad crossings in the United States. This means that the possibility of having train accidents is higher than you may expect. When train accidents happen, they result in serious injuries, property damage, and fatalities.

If you are involved in a train accident in Orlando, Florida, you may be eligible for compensation. Unfortunately, the process can be a lot more complex than it should be. Nobody likes to be held liable after an accident. Hiring a good train accident attorney will help you get compensation.

Train Accidents Are on the Rise in Orlando, Florida

Florida has experienced a significant increase in train accidents over the past few years. Most of them happen at railroad crossings. There have been 462 railroad crossing accidents between 2014 and 2018. It ranks sixth among the states with the highest number of train accidents. Train safety is still a major problem in Orlando and Florida in general.

In 2018, there were 2214 highway-rail grade crossing collisions in the country. 100 of them happened in Florida. The state experienced 37 deaths related to railroad trespassing. It has the third-highest number of deaths. Most of the fatal accidents involve a pedestrian.

Orlando Train Accident Liability

If you were injured in a train accident, liability may fall on several parties. Some of the responsible parties may include;

1. The Railroad Company

Liability may fall on the railroad company if they were negligent. Some of their legal responsibilities include; driver training and maintaining their locomotive. Mistakes in their parts could result in serious train accidents.

2. The Driver

If the driver was over speeding or intoxicated, they may be held liable for your accident. Failure of drivers to observe safety rules is the biggest cause of train accidents.

3. The Train Engineer

If the train engineer used unsafe methods or was negligent with their job, they may be held liable for your accident. The train engineer may be completely or partially liable for the accident.

You don’t need to be riding a train to be a victim of a train accident in Orlando, FL. The train may collide with your car to cause death or severe injuries. The accidents may lead to property damage, disabilities and disfigurement, emotional distress, and loss of employment.

At Portroff & Karlin LLC, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We are the only law firm in the United States that commits almost entirely to train crashes and railroad-related accidents. All our members of staff work passionately and tirelessly to promote public safety. Our goal is to ensure that the railroad industry stops ignoring the issue of public safety. We have a team of qualified and experienced lawyers. They can handle some of the most common train accident cases in Orlando, Florida. We are nationally and internationally recognized as one of the top legal authorities.

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