Houston Train Accident Lawyer

According to a report by the United States Department of Transportation, there are 5,800 train-car accidents every year. Most of the train crashes happen at railroad crossings resulting in deaths and injuries. 

Most train accidents happen as a result of negligence. Negligence may be on the railroad company, a train engineer and conductor, the local road authority, or other drivers or pedestrians.

Train accidents in Houston include:

  1.     Derailments
  2.     Train-car accidents
  3.     Train-train accidents
  4.     Train-pedestrian accidents

If you have been involved in a Houston train accident, you should seek help from a train accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Aside from being tragic and devastating, train accidents can be very complex. It may be difficult for the victims and their families to get through it. Most people don’t think a train accident can affect their lives until someone they love are seriously injured or killed in a collision. Working with a lawyer who is well-versed in the area of railroad litigation can make things easier and lift the burden after a tragic accident. A lawyer will help you understand your options and seek compensation or damages. 

Train accidents are not always straightforward. There are many potential negligent parties. In some instances, liability may be shared by multiple parties. Working with a train accident lawyer makes it possible for you to hold the right party accountable. 

Houston Train Accident Statistics

Reports by the Texas Department of Transportation say a person is 40 times more likely to die in a train collision than in any other vehicle collision. There were more than 2,800 train accidents in 2010. 157 of them happened in Texas.

Common Causes of Train Accidents include:

  1.     Failure to take adequate precautions to keep cars from detaching
  2.     Failure to clear vegetation or other visual obstructions
  3.     Poor maintenance of train tracks
  4.     Failure to install proper warning devices at crossings
  5.     Derailment of trains
  6.     Failure to install necessary fencing and/or pedestrian crossings

Accidents that happen due to preventable reasons can be infuriating. They may lead to a massive loss of property, serious injurious, or death. 

Your attorney should be able to trace all the parties that may be responsible for your Houston train accident. The process may be long as liability often falls on multiple parties. 

If you need the help of a train accident attorney for Houston, consider working with Pottroff & Karlin Law Firm. We are the only law firm that commits more than 90% of cases to railroad accidents. We are honored to represent you if you or someone you love has sustained injuries or suffered death from a train accident as a result of the railroad’s negligence. We put all our focus on public safety, so we don’t represent railroad employee claims. Our approach to railroad litigation is to be proactive rather than reactive. 

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