Our Mission

We believe it is our job to make the world better through the legal system. That is our higher goal and we have a record of safety improvements to show for it. When we take your case, we fight not only for you, but for the greater good.

Our track record of success is reflected both in the many referrals we get from other lawyers and former clients, particularly for cases involving train crossing accidents. The train accident attorneys of Pottroff & Karlin, LLC also have won a substantial number of reported cases on appeal against some of the most prestigious law firms in the country.

Our experience, determination, and innovation enable us to deliver results even in the most complex cases. The law firm you choose makes a difference. Contact our lawyers today and we’ll put our experience to work for you.

Our Philosophy

It is a Lawyer’s Duty to Assist in Improving the Legal System

“Law is the business to which my life is devoted and I should show less than devotion if I did not do what was in me to improve it.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

As trial lawyers, we have chosen to represent the injured, the defenseless and the oppressed. Our choice carries with it additional duties. Not only do we owe our clients the duties every lawyer owes to every client, we have the heightened duty to protect the rights of our clients. In fact, all lawyers licensed to practice in Kansas have been provided a certificate that recognizes such a duty. The certificate provided to each Kansas attorney, signed by all the Kansas Supreme Court Justices, specifically provides:

“[We] will neither delay nor deny the rights of any person through malice, for lucre, or from any unworthy desire.”

Although the certificate to practice law in Kansas does not create an affirmative duty to protect the rights of the injured, the defenseless or the oppressed, it does recognize our special duty toward “the rights of any person.” Certificates in other states do not focus on the rights of others.

Our Promise

At Pottroff & Karlin, LLC, we care about our clients and are committed to serving their needs in a timely manner. Our team approach provides clients with someone who will listen, someone who will understand and someone with whom they want to entrust an important part of their life.

We are not a large, intimidating law firm; we have an informal office environment designed to put clients at ease. We strive to be great advocates by continually working to master the tools of our profession. Those tools include an understanding of the law, the legal system and our clients’ needs. Our train accident lawyers seek excellence through constant self-improvement and by building quality relationships with our clients.

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Railroad News
September 14, 2020

Missouri Motorist Seriously Injured at Unguarded BNSF Crossing

August 31, 2020

Illinois Delivery Van Driver Killed at Dangerous, Unguarded Canadian National Crossing


Bob Pottroff has fought for the victims of the railroads’ callous disregard for safety more than any other attorney that I know. I should know because I am currently Chair-elect of the Railroad Section of ATLA.

Robert SchuetzeBoulder, Colorado

Mr. Pottroff has shaken the rail industry to its very roots. Settlements are now more common as a result of the way he has exposed the industry’s wrongdoing.

Mike EasleyArkansas

Bob Pottroff’s work in railroad safety law is unmatched and he has been the source of great advice and phenomenal creativity.

Roger BrownJefferson City, Missouri

In addition to his substantive contributions to railroad grade crossing safety, I have personally observed his untiring efforts and contributions to improving the integrity of the legal system.

Elizabeth HardyLake Charles, Louisiana

Pottroff & Karlin LLC remains committed to serving our clients during this difficult time caused by COVID-19. Contact us with any questions.