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Railroads and Railroad Crossings

Death on the Tracks – Walter Bogdanich of the New York Times conducted an intensive investigation on the rail industry and its safety problems with the help of Bob Pottroff.  This Pullitzer Prize-winning series of articles is a must-read for anyone interested in railroads and rail safety.

Hot Topics in Crossing Litigation – Robert Pottroff discusses current issues and developments in railroad crossing litigation.

Railroad Crossing Traps – Provides extensive information for other attorneys on the history of railroad crossing legislation and information on the complexities of crossing cases.

An Article on Operation Lifesaver – Is it an honest safety program, or is it jury tampering?

Crossing Accidents: Who’s Getting Railroaded Now? – Gives a lengthy treatment of the responsibilities railroads have at crossings and some insights for the future of crossing safety.

Needed Railroad Economic and Policy Decisions – Details the issues that need the railroad companies’ participation and cooperation for public safety’s sake.

History of Responsibilities at Railroad Grade Crossings – Looks at the history of safety legislation and the relationship between the railroads and the public.

Railroad Should Trim – When two fatal train wrecks occur near a rural town within one week of each other, questions arise. In this case, Bob Pottroff was consulted by the media in their quest for answers.

Vegetation Preemption Alert – At many railroad crossings, vegetation causes serious visibility issues. In this article Robert Pottroff examines legislation surrounding the issue.

Recreating Visual Aspects of a Crossing Collision – Explains the process and the inherent difficulties in recreating the scene where a crossing accident has occurred.

Battling Federal Question Removal – Mr. Pottroff wrote this article for the Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (Trial) Winter 2006 publication.

Perilous Crossing – Mr. Pottroff composed this article for the April 2006 edition of Trial. This particular writing sheds light on the fact that dangerous railway crossings kill hundreds of motorists each year, but federal preemption often bars recovery.

Humped Crossings and Corporate Complacency – Discusses the humped or raised crossings and the threat they pose to vehicles.

Ethics, Trial Lawyers, and Justice

Educating Opposing Counsel – Robert Pottroff discusses professional and ethical issues surrounding trial lawyers educating the opposition.

And Justice for All – Robert Pottroff writes on the ethical obligations and expectations trial lawyers have towards clients, society, and the justice system.

Railroad News
September 14, 2020

Missouri Motorist Seriously Injured at Unguarded BNSF Crossing

August 31, 2020

Illinois Delivery Van Driver Killed at Dangerous, Unguarded Canadian National Crossing


Bob Pottroff has fought for the victims of the railroads’ callous disregard for safety more than any other attorney that I know. I should know because I am currently Chair-elect of the Railroad Section of ATLA.

Robert SchuetzeBoulder, Colorado

Mr. Pottroff has shaken the rail industry to its very roots. Settlements are now more common as a result of the way he has exposed the industry’s wrongdoing.

Mike EasleyArkansas

Bob Pottroff’s work in railroad safety law is unmatched and he has been the source of great advice and phenomenal creativity.

Roger BrownJefferson City, Missouri

In addition to his substantive contributions to railroad grade crossing safety, I have personally observed his untiring efforts and contributions to improving the integrity of the legal system.

Elizabeth HardyLake Charles, Louisiana

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