Brain Injuries

While the vast majority of our cases are railroad-related, the high concentration of railroad-related brain injuries has forced our attorneys to become experts in brain injury law. If you have been a victim and have suffered a brain injury, our attorneys and staff are well-equipped to assist you in any cases involving traumatic brain injury.

  • Brain injuries can cause physical, cognitive, social, and vocational changes. Recovery is often a lifelong process of adjustments and accommodations for the injured individual and his or her family. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines a traumatic brain injury as an injury that occurs when a sudden physical assault on the head causes damage to the brain.
  • Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by a variety of accidents, including those involving trains, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The lawyers at Pottroff & Karlin, LLC work with victims of railroad-related accidents, and brain injuries are sometimes involved. While not all brain injuries are traumatic (brain injury can come from simple oxygen deprivation), all brain injuries should be taken seriously. They often require extensive caregiving that severely alters the lives of both victims and victims’ friends and families.

Treatment for Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries | PottroffAppropriate treatment of a brain injury can involve diagnostic testing, drugs, surgery, and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation, a critical aspect of optimal recovery, is prohibitively expensive. For catastrophic injuries, an extensive team of caregivers may be necessary. It is not uncommon for an injured individual to see a neurologist, neurosurgeon, physiatrist, neuro-psychiatrist, vocational expert, life-care planner, neuro-psychologist, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. In most cases, the lives of the injured individuals’ families are completely disrupted as they focus their energies on securing proper medical care. If a railroad company is responsible for causing a life-altering brain injury, the railroad company should be held accountable.

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If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury, you should seek medical and legal assistance as soon as possible. If the injury came through the wrongdoing of another and you are wondering what to do, contact our attorneys, and we’ll utilize our knowledge, skill, creativity, and dedication to helping you find the best solution.

  • brain injuries | pottroffFrom law offices in Manhattan, Kansas, the lawyers of Pottroff & Karlin, LLC serve clients locally and across the country. In cases involving railroad crossing accidents and brain injuries, our lawyers have built a lasting reputation as a professional team of expert safety advocates.
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