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Train accidents cause immediate and extensive damage. Even though train accidents are not very common in Hollywood, FL, they occur more often than you may realize. In the United States, there is one train accident or incident every 90 minutes.

Most train accidents involve a derailment, collision of one or more trains, or a train-pedestrian collision. Most of the accidents occur due to mechanical failure, poor weather conditions, intoxicated drivers, and poorly maintained tracks.

A train driver may be held liable if they are responsible for a train accident. They are liable if they were driving too fast or intoxicated. If the train was poorly maintained, the company that owns it may be held responsible for mechanical damage. Train accidents are almost always caused by negligence on the part of the railroad company, a railroad employee, the train manufacturer, or the conductor. If you have been in a train accident Hollywood, FL, you should seek the help of an experienced Hollywood, FL, train accident attorney.

Hollywood, FL Train Accident Statistics

Florida ranks sixth among the states with the highest number of railroad crossing accidents. There were more than 460 railroad-related accidents between 2014 and 2018. About 16% of the accidents resulted in a fatality. 25% of them caused injury. It ranks 11th for states with fatal car accidents and 27th for train accidents that lead to injuries.

Some of the most common types of accidents include;

1.     Side collisions

2.     Obstruction impact

3.     Head-on collision

4.     Violent rapture

Most of the collisions are caused by negligence.

There are plenty of things that may cause train accidents. They include the following;

1.     Electrical fires

2.     Extreme wind velocity

3.     Brake defects

4.     Poorly lined switches

5.     Improper use of independent brakes

6.     Failure to prevent cars from detaching

7.     Shifting cargo loads

If the railroad tracks have a problem, it is common to have a collision.

Some of the most causes of derailment include the following;

1.     Track vandalism

2.     Poor track alignment

3.     Missing joint bolts

4.     A broken switch point

5.     Presence of mud, snow, or ice on the track

6.     Broken rail bases

Who Gets into These Accidents?

Most of the fatal accidents in Hollywood, FL involve pedestrians, school buses, and motorcycles. One of the most common causes of the problem is drivers and pedestrians failing to give the right-of-way to trains at crossings.

If you have been involved in a train accident, Hollywood, FL, you should seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. Accidents caused by negligence can be aggravating because they are easy to prevent. Railroad companies have the responsibility to inspect their rails. If they fail, you can hold them liable.

Pottroff & Karlin LLC can help you get the compensation you deserve. We commit more than 90% of our caseload to railroad-related and train accidents. Our main concern is family safety so we do not handle the claims of railroad employees. We focus solely on public safety. We are recognized nationally as we can handle some of the most complex cases.

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