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UPDATE: Mendon, MO Amtrak Train Collision at BNSF Crossing

(Mendon, Missouri—July 3, 2022)

A recent collision between an Amtrak train carrying 243 passengers and a dump truck in Mendon, Missouri, caused the train to derail resulting in four fatalities and multiple injuries. As the train was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago, the train hit the truck around 1:42 p.m. just 100 miles northeast of Kansas City.

Updates have revealed that the Amtrak freight train was traveling at 87 mph at the time when it hit the dump truck. After police had time to investigate, authorities have now confirmed four people were killed in the collision (three passengers on the train and the driver of the dump truck). The victims were identified as Rachelle Cook, Kim Holsapple, and Bihn Phan, all passengers who died and were residents of the Kansas City area.

The National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy said that “the speed of the train when the horn blew, when it started blowing, which is about a quarter-mile out from the crossing, at that point was 89. At the time of the impact, it was 87mph. The speed at that crossing is 90 mph. That’s the speed limit” (KMBC).

Passengers evacuated the train after it was overturned along the side of the tracks. One of the passengers posted photos on Twitter that showed tires near the tracks. The accident reports come only a day after the Amtrak crash in California which killed three. Local authorities are still investigating the collision.

The NTSB is still investigating the crossing and focusing on the angle, incline, and how much the truck driver could see/could not see as he crossed it. Homendy emphasized the steep crossing that can impair a driver’s vision but “safety isn’t improved until the lessons from a tragedy are addressed.” There are 16 experts on the case and they are hoping to release a preliminary report with facts on the crash in two weeks to provide more analysis.

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