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Union Pacific Freight Crushes Semi Stalled On Humped Texas Crossing

(Driscoll, Texas – August 19, 2011)

A semi-trailer truck loaded with cotton bales exiting Highway 77 onto County Road 14 between Driscoll, TX and Bishop, TX, stalled on a slightly elevated Union Pacific Railroad crossing. The vehicle was subsequently struck and split open by a UPRR freight train early Friday morning about 6:00 A.M.

There is minimal approach room from the four-lane, divided Highway 77 and UPRR tracks, which parallel the heavily-travelled Corpus Christi, TX route, and the slightly-humped CR 14 crossing, factors which undoubtedly contributed to the 18-wheeler’s stalling on the tracks. No one was injured, but Highway 77 traffic was disrupted for hours due to the accident.