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Three Killed in Arizona at Dangerous, Multi-Tracked BNSF Crossing

(Golden Valley, Arizona – April 4, 2021)

Three Arizona residents were killed Saturday afternoon by a high-speed westbound BNSF freight train in Golden Valley, Arizona. According to reports, the three victims were occupants in two different vehicles that were both struck by the BNSF train.  The collision occurred in Golden Valley, near Kingman, Arizona.

Authorities have yet to release the identities of the people that died.

Investigators found that two vehicles were stopped at the BNSF railroad crossing waiting for an eastbound train to pass. Once the eastbound train passed, the vehicles began to proceed across the BNSF crossing. However, unknown to the vehicles, a westbound BNSF freight train was barreling down on the crossing.

At this time, authorities have not released the exact speed of the train involved in the collision or whether the train horn was ever blown. However, according to railroad-submitted information, there is a daily average of thirty-two freight trains that traverse this crossing at speeds up to 85 mph.