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Semi Driver Injured When 18-Wheeler Struck, Heavily Damaged At Dangerous, Unguarded Iowa Crossing

(Coralville, Iowa — April 16, 2012)

The driver of a semi trailer truck loaded with gravel from a nearby quarry escaped death, but not serious injury, Monday about noon when his truck was hit by an Iowa Interstate freight train at the dangerous, unguarded crossing of Iowa Interstate tracks and Deer Creek Road near Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse in Coralville, IA.
The as-yet unidentified 18-wheeler driver was evidently turning off U.S. Highway 6 and onto Deer Creek Road when his vehicle was literally cut in half by the train, dividing tractor from trailer, at the crossing, which has no automatic protection such as flashing lights, bells or gates, instead depending totally upon passive signage to "warn" drivers of approaching trains.
The victim was rushed to University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic in adjacent Iowa City, IA by ambulance. The truck belongs to Peterson Contractors, Inc.