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Responsibilities at crossings?

A dangerous crossing in Brewton, AL has prompted a lot of confusion about just whose responsibility it is to implement adequate safety devices at a crossing. A study in 2006 concluded that safety devices at the crossing could prove crucial to saving lives. Three years later, just two weeks ago, a deadly collision between a log truck and a CSX train caused thousands of dollars in damage. Now the town is left wondering why no one bothered to build the safety devices after 3 years.

It’s a standard blame-fest of finger pointing and unreasonable excuses, with spokespersons for the city, Alabama’s DOT, and CSX all claiming that someone else is responsible. And not surprisingly, both the city and ALDOT are willing to work with the others – while CSX simply dodges the issue. In the meantime, the town is left hoping that a more tragic accident doesn’t take place at the deadly crossing, and that CSX officials start taking interest in saving lives.