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Pedestrian killed by MBTA train at pedestrian crossing

By December 3, 2009 No Comments

A 63-year-old retired police officer was killed by an MBTA commute train on Saturday. He was crossing the tracks on a pedestrian crosswalk.

According to one witness, the victim "stepped inside the fence where you are supposed to stand, and he must have made a misstep, and the train clipped him."

Yet MBTA’s preliminary investigation of their own accident has predictably concluded that the man was walking out in from of the train. 


The comments also reveal that this crossing is confusing and dangerous, e.g.:

"That said I can attest to two things something needs to be done at this train station. Over the summer as I waited for trains arriving more often than not the trains were appearing to arrive at the terminal at an extremley high rate of speed. Also, this appeared to me to be occuring more often on the weekend days. The 2nd item I can attest is the signage at this train station is extremley poor and difficult to understand. Please MBTA learn from this accident and attempt to make it a safer enviorment at this train station."