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Ohio Pedestrian Waiting for First Train to Pass is Killed by Hidden Second Train

(Hamilton, Ohio – March 30, 2016)

An as-yet unidentified female lost her life early Wednesday morning at about 6:30 A.M., EDT, when she awaited for the passage of a southbound train and then tragically stepped in front of a northbound train. The northbound train was hidden from her view by the first train at the busy crossing of Butler Street and the double-tracked CSX main line. The CSX tracks carry an average of over 50 trains daily at the top allowable speed of 20 mph. 

The crossing’s gates were still lowered when the woman attempted to cross the tracks, according to Hamilton Police Dept. Sgt. Brian Robinson, who called Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Emilie Eaton’s attention to the fact that the area where the tragedy occurred is “a problem spot for pedestrian-train crashes.” Another train/pedestrian encounter was suffered roughly 300 yards from the scene just three weeks ago when a man walking parallel to the tracks had his foot severed and sustained serious head lacerations after a train struck him as he listened to an I-Pod.

The crossing has also been the site of five train/motor vehicle crashes that have resulted in a total of three non-fatal injuries.

In Wednesday’s tragedy, the 9,000-foot-long train stopped after the incident, blocking a two-mile stretch of the street/railroad crossings between Dayton Road and Belle Avenue in the Butler County community for several hours.