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Norfolk Southern Train Derails into Pennsylvania River, Local Residents Fear It Won’t be the Last

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 26, 2022)

Several people were injured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after a Norfolk Southern train collided with a heavy construction vehicle and derailed 17 cars plummeting into Allegheny River. The two train operators were immediately transported from the scene to seek medical treatment. The freight train carrying oil was crossing the tracks outside of Pittsburgh when it derailed. The Federal Railroad Administration is still investigating the crash.

The derailment occurred when the Norfolk Southern train was crossing the tracks near a sewage treatment plant. The collision of the construction vehicle and the NS freight train led to water line damage caused from the incident. Recent information about the collision of the cars carrying crude oil similar to diesel fuel or kerosene has led the community to feeling shaken up.

Within the last several years, people who live alongside the railroad tracks in Cheswick and Harmar have witnessed three other railroad crossing collisions. In August 2020, a truck driver was killed after being smashed by a freight train and being sent into a building. Following, a train collided with a pick-up truck in November 2019. In May 2019, a train also rammed into a tractor causing a collision. All of the incidents occurring at ungated crossings.

The rash of recent train collisions has left residents feeling unsafe and demanding safety action from the railroad. One common sense proposal is the addition of warning devices, lights and gates, at these unprotected private crossings. However, it appears Norfolk Southern is refusing to use its own funds to install safety gates at these private crossings and instead deferring to the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission.

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