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Norfolk Southern Train Derailment and Toxic Spill in East Palestine, Ohio

By Pottroff & Karlin LLC |

(East Palestine, Ohio – February 5, 2023)

On Sunday February 5, 2023, a Norfolk Southern trail carrying toxic chemicals derailed near East Palestine, Ohio. According to preliminary information provided by the NTSB, a rail wheel bearing that failed due to overheating may have caused the derailment. What happened in the hours and weeks after the derailment is alarming to this local community and the country. Numerous of the derailed cars that ruptured were carrying some of the most dangerous toxic chemicals in our country. Residents of East Palestine were given urgent evacuation orders due to potential explosions in some of the derailed railcars that carry toxic chemicals. No railcars exploded, but the derailed cars caused a dangerous chemical fire that burned for days. It is possible that these chemicals also seeped into the local waterways and well-water. The immediate effects these burned toxic chemicals are well known. They can cause respiratory issues, irritate eyes, skin, and liver injury. Long term effects may not be known for years or even decades, but can include permanent liver injury, liver cancer, neurological complications, behavioral issues, and even changes to a person’s skin and bones. What is know is that these toxic chemicals can have lasting impacts on people’s lives and their property.

After toxic exposure caused by a derailment such as the Norfolk Southern derailment that occurred near East Palestine, Ohio, there are a lot of questions those affected by derailment may have.  In the coming days, weeks, and months one of the main questions will be why did this happen, who is responsible, and what can be done to ensure this doesn’t happen to any of our fellow Americans again. The lawyers at Pottroff & Karlin have litigated numerous derails and written extensively on the effects of toxic spills due to train derailments. The derailment lawyers of Pottroff & Karlin are comprised of well-experienced professionals who practice nationally and focus over 90% of their practice on answering these questions for railroad-related accidents.  Pottroff & Karlin has a team of experienced individuals who have successfully handled derailments and been able to provide these critical answers to the innocent people affected by the railroad’s disregard for public safety.  If you have been involved in this derailment, please call us today at (785) 539-4656, send us an email at, or fill out the form below for a free case evaluation.  Contact us and we will discuss your options openly and honestly.

If you or your loved one is involved in this Amtrak derailment it is important that you contact an attorney who knows the technical details of railroad litigation. Pottroff & Karlin professionals have devoted themselves to railroad safety, and are eager to help you.  Our attorneys not only seek all the compensation you deserve after a derailment, but we strive to force the railroads to increase safety and ensure that this tragedy does not happen to any other families.



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Train crash cases are unique and complex with many different potential pitfalls, such as federal preemption. Anytime I get hired or even get a call from a train crash victim, my very first call is to Nathan’s firm. Nathan’s knowledge and experience in handling and trying cases against these litigation savvy railroad companies gives me the confidence to know that the clients and cases I refer to him are getting the best of the best.

James Perrin Lubbock, Texas

I have had the opportunity to work as co-counsel with Nathan on several railroad crossing accidents cases. In each case, Nathan always possessed an incredible knowledge of the law and the facts, possessed a great talent for aggressive - strategic legal planning and trial tactics while, at the same time, displaying great skill as an effective negotiator. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Scott McCluen Harriman, Tennessee

Nathan Karlin has my strongest endorsement in the field of railroad crossing cases and personal injury law. I had the pleasure of working with Nathan in a complex railroad personal injury case. I was impressed by Nathan’s knowledge, his work ethic, and his dedication to the client. I look forward to working with Nathan on future injury matters. I am also aware firsthand that he has obtained excellent trial and settlement results in numerous cases involving members of the public harmed by railroad companies.

Joseph M. Miller Mandeville, Louisiana

Nathan is a warrior fighting the railroads. As a fellow personal injury lawyer, I have constantly been impressed with his depth of knowledge and his capabilities from case to case. I’d take him into battle with me any day against the biggest railroads and insurance companies on the planet.

Jon C. Clark Austin, Texas

Bob Pottroff has fought for the victims of the railroads’ callous disregard for safety more than any other attorney that I know. I should know because I am currently Chair-elect of the Railroad Section of ATLA.

Robert Schuetze Boulder, Colorado

Mr. Pottroff has shaken the rail industry to its very roots. Settlements are now more common as a result of the way he has exposed the industry’s wrongdoing.

Mike Easley Arkansas

Bob Pottroff’s work in railroad safety law is unmatched and he has been the source of great advice and phenomenal creativity.

Roger Brown Jefferson City, Missouri

In addition to his substantive contributions to railroad grade crossing safety, I have personally observed his untiring efforts and contributions to improving the integrity of the legal system.

Elizabeth Hardy Lake Charles, Louisiana

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