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Nine Passengers Injured as MBTA Train Derails in Boston

(Boston, Massachusetts – June 8, 2019)

At least nine passengers aboard a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) train were injured as a train derailed about 10:00 AM, EDT Saturday mid-morning. The passengers had just entered a subway line when the derailment occurred.  They were all taken to nearby Boston, MA hospitals. The train’s engineer was also injured, as was a 10th passenger who refused medical treatment.

The train was on MBTA’s Green Line near Kenmore station, and was said to be carrying 150 passengers.

Dozens of Boston firefighters were seen responding to the crash.  The crash occurred just after the train entered a junction point beyond the entrance to a subway tunnel. Several of the nine injured passengers were seen being carried to safety via BFD-borne stretchers. Only one car actually left the rails.

Bryan Marden, a passenger aboard the ill-fated train, tweeted that “At the point where the C and D trains split in the tunnel, the train careened off the tracks at a high rate of speed.”

Reportedly, the same train had experienced some operational difficulties prior to the derailment.