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Mississippi Motorist Injured at Unguarded CSX Crossing

By September 29, 2020 No Comments

(Biloxi, Mississippi – September 25, 2020)

A Biloxi, Mississippi motorist was transported to a local hospital after a serious vehicle and CSX freight train collision at the dangerous and unguarded grade crossing of Holley Street in Biloxi, MS Friday afternoon.  Although the vehicle was mangled beyond repair, police said the victim, who was not identified by name, gender or age, suffered serious injuries but were not considered life-threatening.

Even though the rail corridor is the same track where four passengers of a tour bus died after another CSX train crushed that vehicle two years ago, the Holley Street/CSX crossing lacks the crossing gates and flashing lights which almost certainly could have prevented Friday’s collision.

There could be little doubt of the need for automatic safety devices because Friday’s collision was the 10th collision which has occurred there. Those 10 tragedies have resulted in three deaths and six non-fatal injuries when motor vehicles have collided with one of the 10 CSX trains that operate thereupon at a maximum allowable speed of 45 mph.