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Minnesota Girl and Dog Killed by BNSF Train While Walking Along Railroad Tracks

(Wadena, Minnesota – April 16, 2016)

A 15-year-old girl on a walk with her best four-legged companion both were struck by a BNSF freight train traveling along a double-track and unfenced route through the heart of the community of Wadena, MN, as an eastbound train, which the victims may have mistakenly thought was on the opposite track, ran both down at about 6:10 P.M., CDT.

Local resident and high school student Stacy Hundeby and her dog were both struck and killed instantly in an area where Federal Railroad Administration statistics say is crossed by a daily average of 48 BNSF trains at a maximum allowable speed of 75 mph.

Twin Cities Fox News TV station KMSP, Channel 9, reported that “Sheriff’s officials said the woman and the dog were seen in town along the tracks (prior to the tragedy), and were struck by an eastbound BNSF train east of Highway 71 at 6:10 P.M. and killed. The train stopped on the tracks and all crossings in town were closed for about 3 hours.”