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Illinois Town Gets Half Million Dollar Offer to Close Five Grade Crossings

(Delavan, Illinois – October 4, 2011)

A small (population 1,700) Tazewell County, IL community stands to receive $500,000 from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and Canadian National Railway (CN) in exchange for closing five grade crossings protected only by passive crossbuck signs.

The payment to Delavan, IL would equal “about 10 years’ worth of Motor Fuel Tax,” according to Delavan City Administrator Joe Woith, and would prevent the necessity of the ICC and CN expending $250,000 per crossing to signalize them with lights, bells and gates.

An additional five of the dozen Delavan crossings that would stay open would see the installation of electronic protection under the ICC’s plan. However, the city council will not approve participation until it receives the ICC’s final response on the proposal.