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Good Samaritan Rescues Accident Victim From Rail Peril

By October 28, 2011 No Comments

(Madison County, Georgia – October 22, 2011)

A man on his way to a fence building job in Elburton, GA Saturday morning became a hero when he first witnessed an accident, and then rescued one of the victims from certain death when he landed on adjacent CSX railroad tracks.

Seeing a car swerve off Highway 72, Norb Krzak , a fence builder who was in Madison County solely because Friday’s work had been rained out, immediately called 911. Krzak told WHDH News

“What I saw was a mangled car and two occupants who were ejected,” adding that “One was covered in blood, the other was sitting upright in the middle of the train track.”

Still on the phone with the Madison County 911 operator, Krzak heard a CSX train coming. Krzak yelled at the man on the tracks to get off, but the victim was unresponsive. Somehow, Krzak reached the man on the tracks and dragged him to safety. A minute later, the CSX train, traveling at 50 mph, struck the wreckage of the car the two victims had occupied prior to the accident.

The entire scenario was captured on the 911 operator’s tape. The two accident victims were transported to a local hospital where they were placed in ICU. Krzak believes his being in the right place at the right time to perform his lifesaving feat was Providential.

“God had something to do with that,” he told WHDH.