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Fedex Truck Destroyed, Driver Injured At Dangerous, Unguarded Union Pacific Texas Crossing

(Williamson County, Texas — April 24, 2012)

The driver of a FedEx delivery truck loaded with FedEx shipments escaped certain death by inches Tuesday morning about 10:26 A.M. between Hutto, TX and Round Rock, TX in Williamson County when he stopped at a dangerous, unmarked crossing of Union Pacific Railroad tracks and then proceeded into the path of a UPRR freight train he never saw nor heard until it demolished his truck and sent him to the hospital.
The unidentified driver stopped at the McNutt Road crossing, which is listed as a private crossing by the Federal Railroad Administration’s railroad crossing inventory system, and which has only passive signs to identify it as a railroad crossing, lacking any form of automatic protection for the driving public, such as flashing lights, bells or crossing gates, which might have prevented the devastating accident.
The train, traveling at 45 mph, hit the truck directly behind the driver’s seat, tearing the back off the truck’s cab and scattering truck parts and FedEx packages across a wide area. A contingent of FedEx employees were on the scene Tuesday afternoon, attempting to salvage whatever was left of customer shipments not destroyed by the train’s impact.