Railroad News

Expensive Oil Field Equipment Turned into Scrap by UP Train

(Magnolia, Texas – March 4, 2013)

A huge piece of oil field drilling equipment headed for Mexico never made it beyond the FM 1488 crossing of Union Pacific railroad tracks in Magnolia, TX Monday, when the crew with the 18-wheeler hauling the oversized load stopped on the crossing to check if the equipment would be able to safely pass beneath the cantilever flashing light signals, only to have a northbound Union Pacific freight train round a nearby curve in the track and turn the load, valued in the millions of dollars, into scrap metal.

The passenger in a vehicle awaiting passage of the equipment was able to catch the entire scenario on her cell phone camera, and the posting of the video on the internet went viral nationwide.

The exact cost of the destroyed equipment was not yet disclosed, nor was its specific purpose, but the accident represented the 10th crash at the UPRR/FM 1488 crossing, where 18 trains pass daily at speeds of up to 60 mph, accumulating one fatality and four non-fatal injuries. The most recent collision at the crossing before Monday’s occurred on November 2 of last year. The crossing is equipped with flashing lights, bells and crossing gates.