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CSX Freight Train Kills Ohio Pedestrian Near His Home

(Shelby, Ohio – July 20, 2011)

A 36-year-old man died about a quarter-mile from his home early Wednesday morning about 1:00 A.M. when he was run over by a CSX freight train in the vicinity of West Main Street and Walnut Street in Shelby, OH.

Timothy Oertle was seated on one rail with his feet between the two tracks when he was hit by the train in a section of 50 mph train speeds, and Shelby Police Chief Charlie Roub thought the victim might have been disoriented.

“Trains are very deceiving,” observed Chief Roub.

“They look like these huge, lumbering pieces of equipment, but they’re actually moving quicker than people think they are, and that’s where we start having problems,” he continued.

The train took about a third of a mile to stop after striking the victim.