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California Mother Dies While Stuck In Car Stuck On Crossing

(San Leandro, California — April 10, 2012)

A 77-year-old mother, Pei Haung, died about 10:10 P.M. Tuesday night when the car her 56-year-old daughter was driving became stuck on the Williams Street crossing of Union Pacific railroad tracks in San Leandro, CA and was hit by a train.
The Toyota Prius became stuck on UPRR tracks before the train was visible on the tracks. When the train appeared the daughter left the car and attempted unsuccessfully to free her mother from her seat belt.
The UP freight train struck the vehicle and carried it and Mrs. Haung at least a quarter of a mile, leaving the car unrecognizeable and Mrs. Haung dead.
"It appears to be accidental," said San Leandro Police Sgt. Robert McManus. "We’re not sure if the car was stalled on the tracks or if the car was stopped on the tracks. We don’t have all those details at this time."
Two witnesses at the next crossing, Castro Street, saw the entire tragedy unfold. Both Williams Street and Castro Street are equipped with lights and gates.