Railroad News

An ideal world

Authorities in Arkansas are doing a half-hearted investigation of a railroad crossing fatality that likely happened because the crossing did not have lights or gates. Spokesman for the transportation department, Glen Bolick said “In an ideal world 100 percent of (those intersections) would have active warning.” He goes on to state that this crossing and 70 percent of other dangerous railroad crossings will not be equipped with lights or gates. Why? According to Bolick, the transportation department looks at a variety of factors when determining which crossings get lights and gates, including the number of accidents that have happened at the train crossing. So several people may have to die before the transportation department even considers putting lights and gates at a railroad crossing. Shouldn’t railroad companies accept some of the burden of installing lights and gates at railroad crossings? After all, they are using private trains to cross public roads for an ever-increasing profit. You decide.