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Truck Accident

Ranking Trucking Companies by Safety: Who Has the Most Accidents?

By Pottroff & Karlin LLC |

Truck accidents are a source of concern for both truck drivers and regular motorists, as these massive vehicles can wreak havoc in collisions. So, you might wonder, which trucking companies are associated with the most accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) employs a tool known as the Safety Measurement System, which is updated monthly. It draws data from roadside inspections and crash reports to assess the safety performance of motor carriers.

This data is categorized into seven key areas:

  1. Unsafe driving
  2. Crash indicators
  3. Compliance with hours of service
  4. Vehicle maintenance
  5. Alcohol and controlled substances
  6. Hazardous materials compliance
  7. Driver fitness

Based on these criteria, FedEx and UPS have reported the highest number of accidents. In the two-year period concluding on December 30, 2022, UPS recorded 2,845 accidents, while FedEx Ground reported 2,781 accidents. It’s important to note that these two carriers also boast the largest fleets.

UPS operates 134,070 vehicles, while FedEx Ground manages 101,975 trucks. Additionally, FedEx has 18,927 trucks in its FedEx Freight fleet and 35,535 trucks in its FedEx Express fleet. Comparatively, smaller carriers like Averitt Express recorded 385 accidents during the same period, with a fleet of just 5,129 trucks.

Here’s a glance at the accident statistics for a selection of other carriers:

J.B. Hunt Transport

  • Number of Vehicles: 24,040
  • Total Accidents: 1,858

Knight Transportation

  • Number of Vehicles: 3,200
  • Total Accidents: 229

Swift Transportation

  • Number of Vehicles: 15,902
  • Total Accidents: 1,059

AAA Cooper Transportation

  • Number of Vehicles: 2,865
  • Total Accidents: 184

Knight Refrigerated

  • Number of Vehicles: 704
  • Total Accidents: 49

Midwest Motor Express

  • Number of Vehicles: 365
  • Total Accidents: 17

Landstar Ranger Inc.

  • Number of Vehicles: 6,855
  • Total Accidents: 430

Werner Enterprises Inc.

  • Number of Vehicles: 9,507
  • Total Accidents: 912

Schneider National Carriers

  • Number of Vehicles: 10,612
  • Total Accidents: 818

Midwest Logistics Systems

  • Number of Vehicles: 935
  • Number of Drivers: 1,089

In addition to high accident numbers, many of these companies also face numerous violations for unsafe driving. For instance, FedEx Ground tallied 3,850 violations during the same two-year period, while UPS faced 2,682 violations.

Seek Legal Assistance

Trucking companies of all sizes contend with accidents, but fleet size plays a role in the frequency. Regardless, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident, it’s essential to seek legal counsel. The Manhattan truck accident attorneys at Pottroff & Karlin, LLC can advocate for your legal rights. Contact us at (785) 539-4656 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to help.


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