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Train / Train Collisions

Collisions between two trains are unlike collisions between two cars in numerous ways.  For one, the sheer force and volume of a train compared to a car is relative to the difference between a car and a soda can.  The impact and damage are simply devastating.  Second, unlike car accidents, collisions between two trains are always avoidable.  There is simply no excusable reason, given today’s technological possibilities, that two trains should ever collide. 

Relatively recent tragedies such as the California Metrolink crash, in which a commuter train collided with a freight train, are reminders of just how senseless and avoidable these tragedies are. In this case, the operator of the commuter train was too occupied sending text messages to properly operate the train.  The public anguish and outrage which resulted from this event collectively led to several positive steps forward by Metrolink – yet other commuter systems, such as the Washington D.C. area’s Metro, are still lagging far behind.  And Metrolink, too, has many improvements which they could but have as of yet failed to implement.  Some problems may always be with us – fail-proof safety is likely impossible – yet the degree to which the rail industry’s approach to safety is lagging behind that of aviation is simply staggering.

Significant change is not only possible, it is imperative because of the massive damage train accidents bring about. If you’ve been a victim in some way of one of these massive collisions, you should seek medical assistance immediately if applicable. In addition, victims should seek legal counsel to ensure that they receive compensation for wrongful damages. If you’re wondering what your options are, we’re here to listen and to help guide you to the right decision. The experienced attorneys of Pottroff & Karlin, LLC are experts in all areas of railroad accident law and can help you find the best way forward.