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Train Accidents – Toxic Spills

Toxic Spills Involving Train Accidents

Train Accidents - Toxic Spills| PottroffThe freight train is a powerful vehicle that is still used today for the transportation of some of the most rudimentary elements of our economy across the country.  Freight trains across the country are often transporting raw and bulk materials such as coal, ore, and grain.  In addition to basic goods such as these, they are by far safer vehicles to be trusted with hazardous materials than are commercial trucks.  As such, they are often used to transport dangerous chemicals such as chlorine gas – materials that must be treated with nothing short of the highest degree of safety and care. While no parties involved want these deadly chemicals to be released, derailments do occur and trains are not invulnerable.  In cases where railroad companies lack adequate safety precautions, deadly derailments and toxic spills can result from simple human errors.

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Train Accidents - Toxic Spills | PottroffToxic spills from trains can, and unfortunately do, have a devastating impact upon entire towns and communities.  In some cases, even when responsible, railroad companies fail to provide compensation for these deadly events.  If this situation describes yours or your community’s, it would be in your best interest to consult legal help with an experienced train accident lawyer.  Our attorneys and staff take the risks, dangers, and tragic losses associated with toxic spills very seriously, and we will use our nationally-renowned expertise to deal with your situation if you have been a victim.  Contact us and we’ll set up a free initial consultation to help you determine the best path forward.

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