Car Accidents

Serious Car Accident Injuries

The city of Manhattan in Kansas is a fabulous city to not only reside in but also to drive in. There are amazing scenic roads twisting through the beautiful Flint Hills.

Occasionally accidents do happen on the great roads.  These accidents can occur because of driver negligence, poor vehicle condition and driving under the influence. Some of these accidents can result in serious injuries that can have debilitating consequences on your day to day life.

Whenever you suffer such injuries in a car or truck accident, it is prudent to acquire the services of a Manhattan car accident attorney who will help you handle the case. They will also help you receive compensation for your damages.

It can be very beneficial to hire a law firm such as Pottroff & Karlin who are located and work in the city of Manhattan. They have experience and knowledge of the local community.  As well as resolving car accidents that happen in Northeast Kansas. Moreover, since we live and work in the Manhattan community, we have experience with the courthouse, judges, and lawyers defending your potential case. Being local also allows us to be better suited to handle emergencies that arise in your case.

Why You Need a Lawyer for a Serious Car Accident Injury

For starters, insurance companies are in the business of making money. One of the ways they can increase profits is by reducing the number and the dollar amount of potential claims.  Insurance companies and large corporations are typically well funding. They spend an extraordinary amount of money and time on training claims adjusters, and they also have the ability to hire some of the best attorneys to ensure they do not have to pay or pay as little as possible. 

Defending yourself against such companies without representation can significantly reduce your chances of success in recovering the full amount of your damages. You need a Manhattan car accident attorney who will be on your side and actively advocate for your concerns.

A car accident lawyer who is on your side will work tirelessly to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. They will also help you receive compensation if your injuries restrict you from earning a living while you are recuperating.

How a Car Accident Attorney Will Evaluate Your Case

When you contact us for your car or truck accident, the first action will be to thoroughly evaluate your potential claim.  The claim assessment will include evaluating all your injuries, including physical, emotional, and psychological damages. Also important is full evaluation of past medical expenses as well as reasonably anticipated future medical expenses.  After evaluating the above elements of your car accident, we will provide you an upfront and honest assessment of your case and whether we believe we can assist you in this important process.  

If you are involved in a car accident in Manhattan, Kansas call Pottroff & Karlin law firm today for a free evaluation and assistance.