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Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries? Navigating Medical Expenses After an Accident

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While some car accidents are mere inconveniences, others lead to catastrophic injuries demanding substantial medical intervention, including hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Amidst these trying times, mounting medical bills can become overwhelming. Fortunately, if you possess health insurance, it can alleviate some of this financial burden. However, the process requires careful navigation. Here’s what you should know.

Prioritize Other Coverage

Utilize personal injury protection (PIP) or MedPay, both of which often lack deductibles associated with health insurance. Kansas law mandates PIP coverage, providing a minimum of $4,500 per person to cover medical expenses post-car accident. This option saves time and minimizes expenses, especially considering health insurance’s potential subrogation clause.

Understanding Health Insurance

In the absence of PIP or MedPay, health insurance becomes your medical expenses lifeline. Forward your car accident medical bills to your health insurance company for payment. However, be aware of your health insurer’s right to recoup losses if you receive compensation for health expenses via a claim or lawsuit.

Kansas Legal Dynamics

Kansas operates under modified no-fault rules. If PIP coverage is inadequate or unavailable, you can file a claim against the at-fault driver. This route, however, involves a lengthy process and uncertain compensation outcomes.

Consult with Experts

Rising medical expenses post-car accident necessitate effective strategies for utilizing health insurance and obtaining due compensation. A Manhattan car accident attorney from Pottroff & Karlin, LLC can provide invaluable guidance. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns, ensuring you’re informed and empowered to manage medical bills and move forward. Reach out via the online form or at (785) 539-4656. Your health and financial well-being matter.