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Wisconsin Farm Truck Driver Injured at Dangerous, Unguarded CP Crossing

(Morrisonville, Wisconsin – March 18, 2013)

The 51-year-old Columbus, Wisconsin driver of a farm grain truck was injured last Monday morning at about 11:18 A.M. when his westbound truck collided with a Canadian Pacific local freight train at the dangerous, unguarded Meek Road intersection of CP Rail tracks near the town of Morrisonville, WI.

David L. Huebner was taken to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, WI for treatment of undisclosed injuries after the accident with the southbound CP Rail train consisting of two locomotives and five freight cars moving at 10 mph.  

Instead of having active protective devices like flashing lights, bells and crossing gates, a system railroad industry sources claim would prevent over 90% of accidents like happened late Monday morning, the Meek Road/CP Rail crossing has only standard, passive railroad crossbuck and highway stop signs to keep trains and motor vehicles apart. Nevertheless, with the multitude of law enforcement authorities who responded, due to the intersection being almost on the Dane County and Columbia County line, one of the two sheriff’s departments issued the injured man a citation for failing to stop for the train.