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Union Pacific Train Conductor Killed after Derailment in El Paso, Texas

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(El Paso, Texas – August 29, 2022)

Union Pacific employee, Mario Aurelio Navarro was killed last Monday night in El Paso, Texas. Navarro, 49, the identified victim, was the conductor of the freight train. The El Paso Police have been investigating the accident and released news that the train derailed and caused one of the rail cars to flip on its side. After the rail car derailed, it crashed into a residential backyard and struck the gas meter, resulting in a gas leak. Investigators learned that work was being done on a portion of the track, therefore, a derailment device had been installed to protect from ongoing trains. At the time of the crash, police stated that the train engineer was given clearance to proceed; however, the derailment device had not been removed. Navarro was guiding the engineer into the rail yard and the derailment device led to the immediate derailment. Navarro was then hit by the train car after it flipped onto its side.

Union Pacific released a statement Tuesday morning stating: “We are deeply saddened that a Union Pacific employee lost his life Monday in El Paso, Texas, after two train cars derailed in the Alfalfa Rail Yard. The incident happened during a routine maneuver process used to process an arriving train in the Alfalfa Rail Yard, according to Union Pacific during the derailment, a rail car ruptured a natural gas line. Our thoughts are with the employee’s family and coworkers. Union Pacific employees are encouraged to call the Employee Assistance Line 24/7 for additional support.” The incident forced residents to evacuate until the gas leak was controlled. Residents spoke about the disruption of trains in the neighborhood. Police stated that the investigation is still ongoing. Pottroff & Karlin has successfully handled claims in prior train derailments. We stand ready and able to provide critical answers to the innocent passengers injured in this tragedy. Our attorneys not only seek all the compensation you are entitled to, but after every derailment, we strive to force the railroads to increase safety and ensure that this tragedy does not happen to any other families.