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Twin Cities Metro Light Rail Strikes Second Pedestrian in Less than Three Weeks

By September 24, 2019 No Comments

(St. Paul, Minnesota —  September 18, 2019)

A young  St. Paul, MN  St. Paul, MN boy, identified by investigating police only as a juvenile became the victim of the second serious accident to be suffered on the Twin Cities METRO light rail Green Line at adjacent stations in less than three weeks. The incident occurred at about 5:45 PM, CDT, Wednesday afternoon when he was hit by the same train he had just off boarded at St. Paul Victoria Station.

The victim was taken to St. Paul’s Regions Hospital for treatment of what a METRO spokesman referred to as “non-life-threatening” injuries.  According to reports, he exited the eastbound Green Line train and then crossed in front of it in a legal crosswalk, not realizing the train was leaving.

The accident was the second in less than three weeks to plague the heavily-traveled METRO line into the downtown areas of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. The first incident involved the death of a young woman.  In that incident, the pedestrian waited for an eastbound train to pass and then unknowingly stepped in front of a westbound train on the adjacent track at the Dale Street METRO station.

The female victim was crossing University Street in St. Paul about 3:00 PM, CDT Friday afternoon, August 30, which parallels the Green Line as it serves the adjacent Dale and Victoria Street Stations.  Although the lights were flashing, she may have confused the signals as being for the departing train and never saw the train in the opposite direction until it was immediately upon her.

The high-capacity double track light rail line carries trains 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on 10-minute windows during peak hours, during which both accidents occurred,  and 30-40 minute intervals during off-peak hours.


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