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Several Injured after Amtrak Train Hits Tractor at Unguarded Private Crossing

(Mount Joy, Pennsylvania – June 5, 2018)

A 40 passenger Keystone Service Amtrak train collided with and destroyed a farm tractor resulting in various crash-related injuries.

The collision occurred at Bender’s Crossing on Amtrak owned double-rails, Tuesday about 10:00 A.M., EDT.

Contractors for the crossing are aware of the danger of not having automatic warning devices at crossings.  However, Bender’s Crossing is designated as a “private” crossing.  As a result, it is only required to be silently marked with a passive railroad cross-buck sign.

While the presence of flashing lights and crossing gates certainly would have prevented this near tragedy, Federal Railroad Administration rules that govern trains approaching and passing over crossings designated as “private” also do not require train crews to sound the locomotive’s horn.

It is under investigation by Amtrak police as to whether the train involved sounded any bells or alarms before the crash.

Previously, at this location, two occupants of a pickup truck were hospitalized after a collision with another Amtrak train in 2009.