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Renowned Attorney, Lost In Unfamiliar Area, Dies at Canadian National Crossing

(Buckley, Illinois – July 25, 2011)

A 48-year-old attorney and a partner of a Chicago law firm, lost her way in Iroquois County, IL about 8:25 P.M. Monday night, and was struck and killed by a Canadian national freight train at the 950N Road crossing of CNR tracks two miles north of Buckley, IL.

The victim, Cheryl L. Wilson-Segal, 47, of Highland Park, IL, was attempting to find the Heartland Spa, which is on 1600 N Road southeast of Crescent City, IL. Wilson became lost and wound up on the Iroquois County 950 N Road, which dead-ends beyond the railroad crossing, over which she had safely passed only a few minutes earlier. She then called her husband on her cell phone to tell him she was unable to find her destination, where she had planned a two-day break for rest and relaxation.

In her panic, she allegedly drove her 2007 Audi around lowered railroad crossing gates and was struck by the southbound train’s locomotive just in front of the driver’s side door. The impact threw her vehicle into a ditch on the west side of the railroad tracks, and the victim was pronounced dead due to blunt force trauma at the scene according to Iroquois County Coroner Bill Cheatum.

“it’s very understandable that she got lost,” said Cheatum. “We have many rural county roads. Our biggest town in Iroquois County is only 5,300 people.”