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Pennsylvania Pickup Driver Struck, Injured By Train at Non-Gated Crossing

(DuBois, Pennsylvania – September 29, 2011)

A Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad freight train struck a pickup truck driven by local resident Joseph Clinton at the crossing of B&P Railroad tracks and DuBois Street in DuBois, PA about 7:00 P.M. Thursday evening.

The train carried the truck and its driver at least 300 feet down the tracks before it was able to stop. The severely-injured victim was first transported to DuBois Regional Medical Center in DuBois, but then was first transferred to a hospital in Altoona, PA, and ultimately flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.

The crossing of B&P (a subsidiary of short line and regional railroad conglomerate Genesee & Wyoming) and DuBois Street has flashing lights and bells, but lacks protective crossing gates. A spokesperson from Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation (PennDOT) said that the fact that the railroad at that crossing is single track keeps it from having gates, and that if it were a double track crossing, it would have gates.