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New Jersey Bicyclist Killed at Frequently Malfunctioning NJ Transit Crossing

(New Jersey, New Jersey – April 4, 2022)

A New Jersey bicyclist was killed on April 4, 2022 around 9:40 pm by a NJ Transit commuter train. The incident occurred at the North Fullerton Ave and NJ transit railroad crossing. The deceased bicyclist was identified as Eric Boehlert, a well-known media commentator.

Several local residents expressed frustration with the frequently malfunctioning light and gate signal system after this crash. Local residents asserted that the lights and gates will frequently falsely activate—meaning the lights and gates will activate when no train is approaching. As a result, some people can be confused and attempt to traverse the crossing even when the signal system is activated. NJ Transit claimed the lights and gates were working at the time of the incident. However, it is unclear how long they were activated prior to this incident and whether they were falsely activating that day.