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Missouri Trucker Injured by CP Train at Dangerous, Unguarded Crossing

By November 2, 2012 No Comments

(Chillicothe, Missouri – October 31, 2012)

A Chillicothe, MO truck driver received moderate injuries Wednesday afternoon at about 5:40 P.M. when his eastbound 18-wheeler was struck and demolished by a northbound Canadian Pacific freight train at the dangerous, unguarded crossing of Livingston County Road 230 and CP Rail tracks two miles east of Chillicothe, MO.

The intersection is “protected” only by standard, passive railroad crossbuck and highway “stop” signs, having no active protection such as flashing lights, bells and crossing gates, items which railroad-generated statistics claim would eliminate 90% of such accidents.

Steven Rader, 56, was driving a 2002 Peterbilt tractor and trailer, and was taken to Hedrick Medical Center in Chillicothe, MO via ambulance.

The CR 230/CPR crossing has now been the site of four accidents, resulting in a total of one death and two injuries to highway users. An average of six trains cross there daily at a top speed of 40 mph.