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Minnesota Snowmobiler Dies Beneath Wheels of BSNF Train

By February 25, 2013 No Comments

(Dassel, Minnesota – February 23, 2013)

One of two men riding snowmobiles eastbound alongside of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks in Dassel, MN Saturday evening at about 7:00 P.M. was killed when a train passed him going the same direction and reportedly pulled him under the train, several cars behind the locomotives.

Paul Fenske, 31, of Silver Lake, MN lost control of his snowmobile, slid into the moving train and was pulled beneath it. His vehicle was dragged down the tracks while the victim was thrown under the train.

Fenske’s unidentified companion, who witnessed the entire tragic scenario, was uninjured.

Due to the location of the tragedy being out of sight of the engine, the train crew was unaware that the accident had happened and kept going, stopping only after police contacted the train’s dispatcher in Fort Worth, TX and had the train halted.

The Meeker County Sheriff’s office was being assisted/influenced by BNSF Police in investigating the fatality. 

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