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Louisiana man begs for no crossing

Pineville, Louisiana residents are in a fuss about a plan to remove an overpass and replace it with a crossing in order to save money. This man claims that a railroad crossing is absolutely a terrible idea, regardless of costs. “A minimal examination of accident statistics would overwhelmingly concur with retaining an overpass regardless of cost.” The man also claims that, “We have electronic devices available that would perform whatever task necessary to warn motorists of approaching trains — whether it is mechanical arms, lights, sirens or a combination thereof. These should have long since been utilized on these two streets. The railroad should be required, by state law, to provide such live-saving devices at every ‘at-grade crossing.'”

We couldn’t agree more! Railroad grade crossings with no warning devices are begging for tragedy. The dollars are not worth it, and we need more members of the public who stand up against the greed of the railroads.