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Kentucky Child Seriously Injured by CSX Train in Unfenced Area Near Overpass

(Covington, Kentucky – July 7, 2015)

A 7-year-old child lay in the intensive care unit of Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center as doctors tried to save the boy’s foot after it was run over by the wheels of a CSX freight train in the Kentucky-side Cincinnati suburb of Covington Tuesday evening about 8:27 P.M.

The area in question is an overpass where the Federal Railroad Administration says a daily average of 10 CSX trains traverse a double-tracked main line crossing over Madison Avenue at a maximum speed of 30 mph.

The railroad tracks are easily accessible from the unfenced walkway that parallels Madison as it runs beneath the CSX tracks, and area residents told Cincinnati-area news media that children routinely play along the railroad.

As Covington law enforcement and CSX railroad officials tried to investigate the accident, Cincinnati television station WLWT, Channel 5 aired a statement issued by CSX that read “The company’s sympathies are with all those involved in this incident.”