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KCS Train Collides with BNSF Train at Crossing of Two Railroads

(Barton County, Missouri – July 21, 2012) – A northbound Kansas City Southern freight train somehow collided with side of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train that was crossing KCS tracks at a railroad crossing of both companies Saturday afternoon in Barton County, MO, near Mulberry, MO, resulting in the derailment of five locomotives and 18 freight cars.

No railroad officials were at the site of the collision, which resulted in injury to both KCS crew members, but law enforcement officers on the scene still would not answer questions, instead referring the news media to the KCS and BNSF, neither of which would respond to phone calls in request of information in regard to the accident.

KCS Locomotive Engineer Terry Spurling was flown to a Joplin, MO hospital, while KCS Conductor Grant Moore was airlifted to the Villa Christi Hospital in Wichita, KS.