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High School Girl Walking Dogs Killed by Union Pacific Train

By October 21, 2013 No Comments

(Hallsville, Texas – October 15, 2013)

A 17-year-old junior student at Hallsville (TX) High School was killed along with the two dogs she was walking along Union Pacific Railroad tracks near her home, when all three were struck by an eastbound UPRR freight train early Tuesday evening at about 6:30 P.M.

Kristina Lawrence, who lived in a residential area across the UP tracks and U.S. Highway 80, which parallels the railroad through the east Texas community, may have been mistaken as to which track the train, one of and average of 44 which daily travel through the corridor at speeds as high as 65 mph, was running on, as there are two main tracks through there.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the tragedy, which occurred just west of the Hallsville city limits.

It was reported by various news sources that “video from the on-board engine cab (camera) of the train is under review by the Union Pacific investigator’s office in Longview.” No word was given as to if or when law enforcement investigators from the Harrison County SO might be allowed to review it.