Railroad News

Hawaiian Man Killed by BNSF Train in California

(Oro Grande, California – October 2, 2017)

Seeking to take photos of freight rail cars, a Honolulu man walked near a busy BNSF double track main line Tuesday morning, and was hit and killed by one of a daily average of over 100 BNSF trains that roll through Oro Grande, CA.

Teddy Domingo, 57, had parked the Nissan SUV he was driving on the frontage of National Trails Highway, which runs parallel to the BNSF main line and yard tracks at that point, in order to take pictures of the standing railcars.  His wife remained in the car’s front passenger seat, where, to her horror, she became an eyewitness to her husband’s tragic death.

“He was standing on the #1 track of the BNSF main line when he was struck by a westbound train at 9:27 A.M., PDT” said a statement from the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office.

News media photos of the fatal scene showed neither fencing nor posting of private property signs along the easily-accessible railroad line.

The victim’s visibly-shaken spouse stayed in the couple’s vehicle watching as officers investigated the tragedy.


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