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Friends of Minneapolis Youth Who Lost Leg to Train Relate Horror of Incident

(Minneapolis, Minnesota – April 17, 2016)

The two still-shaken companions of 11-year-old Quentin Moore of north Minneapolis, MN Sunday were telling a tale of horror to Twin Cities KARE-TV, Channel 11’s Lou Raguse Sunday after they witnessed the early Saturday afternoon accident.  The incident took their friend’s leg off below the knee and inflicted other head and leg injuries from the slowly-moving Canadian Pacific Railway train that was originally stopped when it blocked their pathway to Webber Park.

Following a practice “they’ve seen other people do,” Tyshawn Swinehart, 13, and Freeman Robinson, 11, both hopped off the standing train just as it began to move, but Moore, who was behind them, stumbled as “His foot missed and then it went under the ladder, and that’s when he fell over,” recalled Swinehart, “and his shirt got stuck in the wheel. The train started dragging him,” the young witness continued. “He was crying and yelling and screaming.”

Heroically, young Tyshawn said “I went to grab him so his other leg wouldn’t get cut off,” as the other witness, Robinson, commented “That was just scary.”

“We’ve known each other for a long time,” continued Tyshawn, lamenting that “Me and him wanted to play football. But now, he doesn’t have a chance to play football.”

The boys told KARE’s Raguse that their play activities will be forever changed. “We’re not going to do dangerous stuff’’ attested Freeman. “We’re just going to play with him regular games. Invite him over.”

“Hope you feel better,” Tyshawn told the victim via the medium of TV. “We love you!”