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Elderly Woman Injured but Rescued From Certain Death on Train Tracks

(Glenview, Illinois – June 1, 2011)

An 88-year-old woman using a walker escaped death but suffered a deep cut on her head when she tripped and fell while attempting to cross Chicago Metra railroad tracks at the Glenview Road railroad crossing Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to two Good Samaritans, the victim, Haya Rosenblat , who was lying on the railroad tracks calling for help, survived an approaching train which was not evident until she was upon the tracks. Dr. Raul Heredia was the first to respond to the woman’s plight, and as he tried to lift her off the tracks, a Metra train appeared about a half mile away.

At the same time, Adam Smiley was driving home from work and saw the situation. He stopped his car and assisted with the rescue, removing the victim from harm’s way as the train bore down upon the trio. Another witness called 911, and paramedics rushed to the scene, where they stabilized the victim and rushed her to a local hospital.